Dan Font


I have been training with Colin Haughton since I was 13 years old and then with Ian too a few years later. The most noticeable feature of their coaching is their passion for the sport and the determination to make their players champions. They both somehow still manage to get a good balance of fun, always making training an enjoyable and positive place to be.

They have helped my game tremendously throughout my career so far, giving me huge insight into the technical and tactical aspects of my play. The NWBA really does have the best coaching team to progress anyone of any standard to a higher performance. I feel if I had access to such an academy earlier in my career then it would have made a massive impact on my game.

This is an extremely exciting time for badminton in the North West of England and I am very proud to be both a coach and player within the NWBA set-up. I will continue to progress my own game whilst training at the NWBA but I will also be able to give something back to all the enthusiastic younger players aspiring to do well in the sport.