Matthew Nottingham


The formation of the NWBA brings with it an extremely exciting opportunity for a lot of young players in the region. Not only will they be getting the very best coaching but they will also be getting guidance and mentorship from a team of incredibly determined and ambitious people.

Being coached by Colin Haughton and Ian Palethorpe meant that the quality of my training could not be better in the area. What was really important to me and undoubtedly contributed to all my successes, was that they helped me get through tough times off the court as well as on it. Sport becomes more pressurised each year and it was vital to have two ex-players in my corner that could reflect upon their own experiences.

There was no such thing as the NWBA when I was a junior and so the majority of my training was in the form of individual sessions. I strongly believe that with the set up of the NWBA, the team of coaches will be able to get bigger groups to work much harder and enable all members to learn from one another. That is something I would have loved to experience day in day out when I was training in the North West; the opportunity to learn from older and better players, observing their intensity and application during training.

I wish the NWBA all the very best and I have no doubt that it will be a major success in the world of badminton; I just wish they had set it up much sooner.